How to Manage top talent?


Talent management is one of the most important tools for the success of any company or startup. A lot of companies overlook this fact and later realize the havoc caused. There are a lot of factors that result in overlooking for talent, the one which top is prioritization. We tend to give positions to people we admire in most of the situations. Here is a list of a set of tools which are a testament to talent management.

1.Objective metrics:

They play a key role because no company can achieve success without properly defining the goals, mission or vision of the organization. It is quite obvious that as the company grows the job description keeps on updating, be very Hence one should be very clear with the roles or duties that are to be offered to their peers by telling them briefly the measure of success in the given portfolio. Every employee should have a proper understanding of how they fit in the organization, in better words how their work adds value to the organization.

2. Strategy Planning:

A common misconception that prevails around is the overall strategy plan to be aligned to the talent management plan, which is irrelevant. We plan the strategy according to which we come up with a mark about the MOS or KPI related to the portfolio. Inducting the HR into strategic plans helps in smooth flow of the work. We develop strategies that are executed by people.

3.Training and development:

For a fact that talent and strategy go hand in hand with each other. It is important for the company to come up with proper training and development sessions for better alignment of employees towards how their work can add value to the company or startup. Mentoring sessions from the experienced people provide the employees a platform to develop their own selves in a productive manner. They also provide the employees an open space to explore various factors that help in the development of the company.

4. Talent appointment/retention:

In parallel to training and development, one of the most important factors that contribute to the development of the company is the satisfaction levels of the employee. We need to make sure he is aligned to the job description and understands it’s weight in the companies compendium. Good satisfaction is directly proportional to increase in productivity and reduces the amount of retention.

5.Career Planning:

As the talent process incubates companies or startups can come up with certain policies that will help to improve the quality and the quantity of the work done by the employee. Providing the worthy employees with the proper job description and evaluation trackers is only a start. Driving down the sense of responsibility and ownership towards the company or startup helps each employee to get a sense of personal abilities, aspirations and needs to develop a growth and development plan within the organization.


Talent management is one of the most vital tools in any organization if used in an improper way it could result in a lot of havoc in the smooth flow of work.


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