The 5C’s of Leadership


Straight from the diary of a woman who is responsible for what PepsiCo is today.A person who laid the foundation for a new era by pronouncing that Pepsi is no longer a soda company. Her leadership has been an inspiration to a lot of young entrepreneurs. She is none other than Miss. Indra Nooyi, An Epitome in corporate strategy. Nooyi is a master of substance, knowing PepsiCo’s product lines and financial metrics in depth. She is a person who can shoot the breeze with people from boredom to the frontline. As CEO, she has continued to pursue her unusual, and tremendously ambitious, vision for reinventing PepsiCo. The karaoke singing CEO follows a magic trick when it comes to leadership. The 5 C’s of leadership:


  • The first “C” refers to competence; Nooyi states that one is never really done with studying and the process of educating one’s self. To be what she calls “a lifelong student” is key to guaranteeing your personal and professional growth. Continue learning and developing your skill set, stay up to date, and become known and reputed for your chosen skill. In other words, master your chosen skill and never shy away from knowing more.
  • The second “C” refers to courage/confidence, which will facilitate strong decision-making skills and will also let fellow colleagues know that you have an opinion and are not afraid to come forward with it. Procrastination and silence will get you nowhere in a field which is competitive and cutthroat.
  • The third “C” refers to communication skills, which are integral to all spheres of one’s professional life. To be able to communicate effectively with one’s team will serve to help them understand the plan of action, and will motivate them to meet goals with enthusiasm and efficiency. Clear communication, which gets across your passion and vision, will also facilitate team building and will put you across as a strong leader.
  • The fourth “C” refers to consistency, which should guide the manner in which you conduct business. Erratic tactics indicate an unsure mind, which is not grounded and will facilitate second-guessing from employees. Maintaining a consistent plan of action will build your employees confidence in you, and will allow them to trust your instincts.
  • The fifth and final “C” refers to maintaining a personal compass, which will guide you both in your personal life as well as your professional life. Nooyi recommends sticking to your personal sense of direction and maintaining integrity despite all temptations. The act of not straying from the path of honesty will build the strength of character and also strengthen your professional credibility, which is of utmost importance.

An  encouraging aspect of the preceding 5 C’s is that the person expounding them has followed them through both her personal as well as professional life. Indra Nooyi is known for her integrity and consistency and has gained unconditional love and respect of her employees, to whom she is both a boss and a friend who can be approached and trusted.



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