Top Emerging Trends of Crowd Testing in 2018


Software Development and Testing has been evolving over the years with new methodologies and approaches to attain better quality and reach faster to the market. Crowdsourcing emerged with an idea to leverage an entire pool of talent across the globe for better and relevant results. Similarly, enterprises are endorsing the idea of Crowd Testing to not just bring down the costs, but also to bring innovation and results that are much more credible.

However, there are some hiccups in embracing the practice. Concerns related to processes, authenticity, and security are refraining organizations from considering it with full confidence. The brighter side is that enterprises will continue to consider Crowd Testing for deriving offbeat results and bring cost-effectiveness to the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Considering that crowd testing will gain further momentum, we have tried to identify some key trends that it will build going forward.

More definite approach

Right now the practice of crowd testing is being explored and processes are coming in place. Nevertheless, there are concerns in terms of the robustness of these processes. Today, analysts and businesses are considering the practice for better outcomes, so going forward there will be further modernization to Crowd Testing. This will lead to better processes and protocols.

For instance, security of the software/application is a major concern for enterprises while releasing the application to the crowd. Even if practices such as access to a private cloud are being offered by crowd testing companies, the concern still prevails. So, going forward crowd testing firms can work out better ways to offer a secure interface to the application.

Emergence of equipped testing platforms

The idea of crowd testing has emerged to offer better testing solutions and test coverage to the application, with cost-effectiveness. Enterprises are leveraging both licensed and open source tools to attain the testing objectives. However, the process can get much more impactful if a common platform with required testing gears – frameworks and accelerators are provided to test the application.

In this way, the application gets thoroughly tested across a common platform. The platform can get upgraded with more testing frameworks for similar testing requirements in the future.

Increased Automation Levels

Speed and quality are critical for businesses today, which is the reason test automation has evolved over the years. Crowd Testing started with the idea of manual testing, but automation is the need of the hour. So, automation of processes and execution of automated tests will always evolve in Crowd Testing.

Automation will continue to offer wider coverage, bring innovation, and ensure quality at speed. This will help Crowd Testing to mature further and survive through the needs of the future business requirements.

Agile & DevOps will dominate

Software Testing will always need processes and methodologies that bring flexibility and collaborative approach to deliver better results. Agile and DevOps has been dominating the software testing and development scene for a while. It offers shorter delivery cycles and makes quality a responsibility for everyone. Continues Delivery and Continues Integration are key components in DevOps and are integral for faster delivery cycles. Crowd Testing will continue to adopt these practices for faster and better results.

Increased demand for Security Testing

With hacking, data breaches, and cyber-attacks threatening the virtual world; Security Testing will continue to gain demand. Security Testing solutions will be required in various forms to dig deeper and find code errors and vulnerabilities. This cannot be possible with conventional testing patterns. Bug Bounty programs do give results, but enterprises will need more systematic involvement that can provide well-documented test cases and findings.

Crowd Testing will be required to externally hack the application and expose vulnerabilities that cannot be shown in a normal testing pattern. This will result in evolution of better processes to ensure comprehensive testing and reporting. Code Analysis and Code Review from the crowd will always continue to be in demand to make the application robust against virtual threats.


In Conclusion


Software Development patterns and methodologies are always been evolving, as the threats and challenges have always been increasing. From Waterfall to Agile, from Agile to DevOps; software testing has followed a pattern to provide better results and ensure faster time to market. Crowd Testing emerged as a concept to overall bring more innovation to the testing and development process.

Nevertheless, it has to evolve and mature in terms of rules and protocols to instil strengthened confidence from businesses to embrace the practice. These trends will keep on evolving with time and as more and more enterprises continue to adopt Crowd Testing.


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