10 Smart Elements that Showcase Ideal Email Campaigns

The primary idea behind floating a marketing campaign is to reach out to your target audience. With cutthroat competition prevalent in the market, curating marketing campaigns that can hit the right chords with your audience has become necessary. The ultimate goal is to boost conversion, sales, and profits.

If widespread reach and affordable costing are on your cards, then kicking off an email campaign would be the right thing to do. The only point of caution here is to add a personal touch and make your campaign as meaningful and action-oriented as possible.

To make things easy, you can hire the services of an email marketing expert. With a professional by your side, you will be assured that you are moving in the right direction.

Infuse your Email Campaigns with these Pro Inputs:

  • Begin with an Endearing Welcome

Reach your prospect’s inbox, just in time when they are psychologically getting ready to accept you and your products. Facts suggest that welcome emails have an open rate of 50%, making them 86% more effective than newsletters. But, it all boils down to the efficiency of the welcome email and the genuineness of the message itself. An uncluttered, minimalist email works the best for new leads and prospects.

Welcome emails help new customers and subscribers to understand that they are important to your brand. In addition, this is an optimal way of preventing your prospect from moving away.

  • Focus on Personalization

It is understood that a personalized email has a higher chance of being opened. This stat is steady because every customer wishes to be addressed in their name, helping them feel special. They also feel that the company is genuine if they are addressed by their names and given utmost respect for their identity.

Once the customer understands that a brand is putting in the effort to address their pain points, they will look forward to receiving emails from you. In the process, you will secure a loyalist by your side.

  • Keep a Friendly Tone

You would not want your customers detesting your emails purely because of the usage of highly complex terminologies and language. Therefore, make sure that your emails are casual and conversational. The readers should always feel that the company is some kind of friend offering solutions to their problems in a friendly manner. Keep the language short and crisp, while being casual and personal in tone.

Avoiding industry jargon would make a smart move. Instead, let your email sound like it comes from a friend making well-thought-of advice.

  • Pay Attention to Segmentation

Even though every customer is unique, a certain set of customers can be recognized with similar traits and characteristics. Since it is difficult to draft tailor-made emails for every customer, segmentation should work wonders. Businesses usually use segmented contact lists for the campaigns, ensuring that the right kind of email reaches the intended set of customers or prospects, without issues.

With email list segmentation, you can send relevant content to your prospects, who might be more willing to engage and act on your emails.

  • Say No to a No-reply Email Id

You have initiated an unmatchable email campaign but can still not garner the kind of response you had anticipated. Do you know why this is happening?

Because you are using a no-reply email id, your customer wants to get in touch but doesn’t understand how to go about it. Do not use such email ids especially when you expect a response from the email recipients. It is counter-productive to share another set of email addresses for sharing feedback or responses. Use the right corporate email id that indicates what the email recipients can expect in due course of time.

  • Make an Impactful Subject Line

When your prospect receives an email, he will be persuaded to open it only if your email subject lines appeals to him. Therefore, you need to draft a short, sweet, and crisp subject line to make an impact. Also, the subject line should make the reader understand the context of the email while piquing their curiosity to read more.

It would be useful if the subject line could offer a glimpse of the purpose of the email and the kind of content it may contain.

  • Have a CTA

Even though email campaigns help with brand awareness, the ultimate goal is to convert leads to actuals. CTAs (call to action) help prospects in understanding what they should be doing next. It is a great way of taking them towards the sales funnel. Most CTAs tend to be lackadaisical in their approach and devoid of any spark or wit or any urgency. CTAs should provoke positive action and compel readers to take immediate steps, right away.

Your focus should be on designing a CTA that creates a sense of urgency. This factor helps with increased conversions. However, strategic placement is equally crucial.

  • Avoid Beating Around the Bush

You need to value your prospect’s time and keep the content of your email as precise and concise to the point as possible. Everyone receives heaps of promotional emails daily. You do not want your email to be lost in the crowd because you managed to make these emails bulky with images and loads of content that do not add value to the readers.

So, stay as brief and specific as possible with your email copy. Keep the emails engaging by breaking the content down into specific bullet pointers instead of long paragraphs.

  • Keep a Watch on the Analytics

Ascertain whether your email marketing campaign is bringing the desired results. This assessment is possible by tracking the email marketing analytics. One can include varied analytics software solutions for analyzing emails and their success ratio. Some of the most essential parameters to pay attention to include open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rates. Analytics can propel the efficacy of each campaign to the tee. Analytics can also help marketers to craft better email campaign copies on a regular basis, using their experience to tweak the emails for the better.

  • Make them Mobile-friendly

Emails are drafted on desktop computers, so they might not be compatible with mobile platforms. This aspect would make a considerable chunk of your prospects leave. Remember that most of the audience has now migrated to the mobile platform for most of their tasks. It is easier for business professionals to check their emails on their smartphones themselves. Prevent this scenario from panning out by optimizing your emails for the mobile platform with responsive email templates.

  • Start Working on Your Email Campaign Today

All this while, if you have weighed between options to zero down on a result and return-driven marketing campaign, then it is time to turn to email marketing.

With this marketing approach, your prospect receives details about your brand and products directly to the inbox on a regular basis without incurring many costs compared to other media. Here, the chances of initiating a one-to-one interaction by relying on email customization are higher than any other media. The best part is that these campaigns are affordable and attract higher ROIs.

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Vaibhav Pandit is currently associated as a Sr. Campaign Manager with Inbox Army, a full-service Email Marketing Agency offering the full spectrum of email marketing services. He primarily helps his clients with Content Strategy, Digital Strategy and implementation of Marketing Automation through Customer Journeys. He has hands-on experience on various Enterprise Marketing Automation Platforms. On a regular basis, he discusses campaign metrics with the clients and provides continuous feedback on the marketing automation, email marketing efforts on that basis of which, he helps them formulate/update and implement marketing strategies. He also handles and leads full-scale marketing automation & email marketing audits, and accordingly comes up with List Growth Strategies, Segmentation and Targeting.

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