Augmented Virtual Reality is now transforming the landscape of the Healthcare & Education Industry

Healthcare and Education are the two vital and cornerstone disciplines in today’s modern society. Being able to meet the increasing needs of the ultimate consumer, be it a patient or student is challenging. These niche experts all over the globe are investing their time, energy and talent to come up with a solution, which is sophisticated, collaborative, comprehensive, robust and foolproof.

Out of all the many technologies like VR, AR, and etc, now being applied to healthcare delivery and easy learning process of students, Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) is one of the most exciting. The ability of AVR to seamlessly blend with the direct sensory experience of the real world with all its power and potential of digital information technology is ground-breaking and thought-provoking at the same time.

The intent of this technology is not only to meet the rising expectation but also to lower the costs that are skyrocketing in the near future.

Let’s delve into the benefits of each sector with the integration of AVR –

The Impact of AVR in the Healthcare Industry

Here are the top three ways that AVR is helping to transform the face of the healthcare industry to meet the rising challenges:

  1. Enhanced Access

Meeting the demand of several billion people without a doctor to go around is a challenge for sure. Long queues, availability of the doctor, traveling time of the patient- are few of the notable things in this area. Telemedicine is a boon to rescue us from all these barriers and consult a doctor with ease through the smart devices, over the distance.

Augmented Virtual Reality plays a key role in guaranteeing the quality of such consultations. The Proximie app has integrated AVR to carry out the surgical procedure over distance, with a specialist using this app can be guided by his/her colleague in real time. This improves access to surgery without any limitation. The DocOnline is one such app, which enables patients to consult the doctors from the comfort of their home.

  1. Patient Empowerment

The treatment and medication go completely into vain unless the patient understands his own condition. Empowering patients is one of the laborious tasks that are on the table of every doctor. An intriguing trend in healthcare is the development of applications using AVR, which can empower the patients to proactively take care and assess their health.

The EyeDecide app is one such perfect example, which demonstrates the structure of eyeball with the AVR 3D anatomical visualization tools. This app provides visual simulations of different eye conditions, wherein the users can match the simulation to any distortion they are experiencing in their own vision. The app also showcases the list of ophthalmologists in their area to consult.

  1. Robust Diagnosis and Assessments

AVR is extremely a helpful tool in catering to the needs of the medical professionals and assistants effectively. This technology also helps to identify the disease and the level of infection with the 3D visualizations of internal organs. AccuVein is a tool developed with AVR technology, which helps practitioners to locate the veins for cannulation.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) directly displayed on the smart device of the doctor, when a patient consults for treatment is the future of AVR in healthcare.

The Impact of AVR in the Education Industry

According to a study, the student engagement ratio in schools, study centers and etc., is dropping year by year. To overcome this, many schools are inculcating AVR into their teaching methodologies instead of the traditional mode of teaching.

Every one of us knows that we remember when we see rather than listening, this is what AVR is all about- the Visual Concept Teaching. Children of this generation get distracted by the smart devices easily in no time. AVR is leveraging this addiction for good and is engaging students.

Top 3 reasons Why AVR Apps Are ‘A Must’ For the Students of this generation:

  1. Seamless Explanation of Complex Concepts

There is no doubt that the students can better understand the concepts when taught in real-time. This also enhances the student engagement ratio and also helps the student to focus well and learn quickly with 3-dimensional model representations, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

  1. No Special tools are Required

AVR does not require any expensive hardware like VR. The robust AVR technologies are intended to be available to most of the targeted users with no or limited costs. Today, almost 95% of people own a smartphone, which can be used for constructive learning. Parents & teachers don’t have to pay an extra penny for this interactive learning.

  1. Accessible and Infinite Learning

The AVR apps help to educate users from anywhere and anytime, replacing the boring and conventional way of classroom teaching. These apps are also universally applicable to any level of education and training, be it the activity-based games for pre-primary or technical courses for professionals. AVR is not limited to just one case.

Bugs 3D, Mathalive, AugThat, Aurasma are few of the many education AVR apps that are trending these days.

Both in the healthcare and education sectors, the adoption of technology to pace up with the rising needs is necessary, and AVR is the best and finest way, which is capable of transforming the landscape of these sectors with its vivid, potent, and powerful methodologies and integrations.

Many of the start-ups are up on their job to design and develop an AVR app, which is novel & unique. The World Brush app, GAP’s the DressingRoom App, The JigSpace app and etc are few of them.

Kastech, a renowned name in the arena of Augmented Virtual Reality(AVR), VR, and AR is profoundly catering to the needs of HealthCare, Education, Retail & Manufacturing industry, with its innovative and scalable AVR applications, is honored and proud to co-sponsor the World’s Largest Technology Summit-World Quality Summit 19′.

Interested in business consultation, project scoping or learning more about Kastech’s AVR solutions? Reach us at or +1 (832) 651-4843.

Hi Suresh, we love the idea. Can you tell us how it all started?

Kastech was started in 2008 with the vision of making a mark in the IT industry offering the next generation technologies to our customers to enhance the ease of business and lower TCO with higher ROI. Our vision as an organization is to have a look out for next-gen tech and across geographies which sets an example to all our employees and people associated with Kastech as well. In order to provide a high ROI to our customers, Kastech has built 18 different products of our own.

What services is Kastech offering these days?

The wide variety of services that Kastech offers as of now are:

ERP implementations (Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Salesforce, Workday)
Managed Services
Cloud Hosting
Mobile Apps/Web Applications
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Cyber Security
DW/BI & Advanced Analytics

Tell us about KasTech’s main areas of focus?

KASTECH provides value-based information technology services, across Enterprise to Custom Application and Specialized Services of Testing, Analytics, and CRM. The major focus of KasTech is on ERP, Web Applications, Products & Services.

Who do you think are your competitors and how are you better than them?

Our competitors are enterprise IT MNC companies since Kastech offers a wide variety of services and products that the IT MNC companies provide. The advantage with Kastech is our overheads are very minimal and Kastech invests back in building the products and practices. This way we are able to provide the services at very cost-effective prices with a high quality of delivery.

What areas are the ones that are the most problematic in your competitors, the same areas where you want to exceed?

Lower TCO

What’s next for the company and the product?

Revolutionizing the Education system using Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies.

What are your clients saying about you? Are they happy with the service?

They are absolutely happy with our services and we are increasing our footprint at every client that we have been working with. Our clients themselves offer more business to us by referrals as Kastech invests very less in the Sales teams.

If possible, could you share what kind of projects and how your employees will be involved in such projects?

ERP Implementation & Support projects are one example and we believe in giving ownership and responsibility to our employees to be able to run with the projects independently. We have weekly status calls across all the customers we provide services for with our employees and have monthly steering committee meetings with our clients to understand the health of our relationships and customer satisfaction.

What are your plans for the future?

Investing heavily into next-generation technologies to provide cutting edge technologies and services in Health Care, Education, Government, Oil & Gas.

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