How Technology transformed the lives of Women?

“Women at work” was considered a basic phrase for women who were at work while in the home. Decades ago, women were entirely meant to stay at home working, and the working meant taking care of the household chores, husband, family, children, and in-laws. This has been the scenario for the past many years until there was a revolution in every heart of a woman. In this gender-biased community, women were barely allowed to work and even if they did, they had to face severe criticism from the society, workplace and including their families.

With the advent of computers and internet, the lives of women started witnessing a transition. Gradually, there was a significant development in the society with an increase in the literacy rate of women and employment. Eventually, women became capable of leading and working equally with men in every field. The society, however, was not fully convinced to let women lead though, as gender discrimination was clinching in every inch of the world. Despite the challenges, few women have made their way to the top standing as an example to other women to follow their dreams. “The world is a place for both men and women and not just men alone”, they convey.

The pace at which technology is getting advanced these days there is no denying fact that the impact of technology today is huge. The advancements in technology have greatly influenced the various fields of Healthcare, Education, Communication, Manufacturing, Banking, etc. For instance, technological improvements in health care have given a chance to doctors to treat their patients in a virtual environment using video conferencing as a medium. Many women are now in the field of sciences, offering their services to the nation.

Earlier, what took days to make a transaction at the banks, is now done instantly all because of the digital technology. Mobile banking has enabled many women to make financial transactions related to their business operations from anywhere using their mobile devices or electronic gadgets.

Technology has made it possible for women to communicate with people all over the world through email, instant messaging, Skype, social media, etc. It has enabled women to strengthen relationships between friends, relatives, and colleagues. It has further made them globalize their business standards and streamline their business processes.

When considering the women in the past to the trending age, there can be seen a huge transformation in the lives of women. The manifestation that took place is considered to be just the beginning as there is much more to achieve. Many women leaders like Sarojini Naidu, and Indira Gandhi and Jayalalithaa who have had a continuous term of their reign, women CEOs in India, Chanda Kocchar, Ekta Kapoor, Vinita Bali, Renu Sud, Nita Ambani, Preetha Reddy, and others, are all a part of this wonderful transformation. Not only them, entrepreneurs, sportswomen, media celebrities, journalists, women in government services, etc., prove that transformation has indeed manifested in a new era of successful women.

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