India soars high with the highest number of female pilots in the world

In a country like India, where sons are treated superior to daughters and having a son is treated more of a privilege and a daughter a liability, women have now turned out to be the showstoppers. Breaking through the glass ceiling, and leaving their marks of victory, women soar high today taking India to a next level by recording the maximum number of female pilots in the world.

While a recent Economic survey revealed the pitiful state of the nation where the great love and preference for sons has created 21 million unwanted girls, the above news has come as a solace to the entire nation and a celebration worth being noticed. This indeed is and should be an eye-opener for the families who anticipate having male children over girls.

For all those who still do not believe the fact, the statement was made by Jayant Sinha, Minister for Civil Aviation, who recently revealed that India currently has the maximum number of women pilots in the world. He also hailed women pilots in the country for their achievements. “India is the country with the maximum number of women pilots in the world, be it in Air India or Indian Air Force. This is a testimony of the contribution made by women to the aviation sector and also by the country to their careers”, told Sinha.

Women are reaching new heights and conquering major positions equivalent to their male counterparts in every sector. It’s evident that male domination still prevails in every field and taking up the challenge, women are moving in the forefront competing with men in the race. Undoubtedly, undeniably, the Indian government has been pushing hard for women empowerment in all diverse fields through various flagship programmes like “Save Girl Child".

In a country which still remains obsessed about sons and often questions the credibility of women by preferring girls to take up jobs or careers into humanities, the girl child now gives a befitting reply to all those naysayers as she outshines men in the most-dominated field of aviation. While there have been many efforts made to empower women and make them self-reliant, constant support is needed from the family, society and their counterparts to enable them to succeed in any profession they take up.

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