Asia Inc. 500’s NexGen

NexGen is an innovative campus connect programme by Asian Inc. 500 that strives to build a strong network of like-minded students from colleges and universities across India. The programme facilitates and nurtures future leaders of the country and contributes to their career growth. NexGen's sole motive is to empower and groom chosen students from different institutions who will be serving as the first point of contact of their institute when conducting events on various technical and non-technical matters.

The campus connect programme is designed to provide opportunities to students to know the business world, meet thought leaders and get familiar with the industries they aspire to work in. NexGen also encourages students to leverage their unique skills and make an impact that matters.


NexGen Events

February 6 - 7, 2020
NexGen Summit 2020
November 12, 2019
NexGen Launch

Who Can Participate in NexGen?

  • Student with curiosity, assertiveness, and good organizational skills
  • Who has leadership skills.
  • Who can come up with innovative ideas on how Asia Inc. 500’s SAP can associate with his/her college.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To ideate and curate innovative campaigns.
  • To strategize, conduct, organize and coordinate workshops and various other events.
  • To drive and influence students in campus events and activities

How To Apply?

  • Tell us about your college/university and its unique characteristics
  • Describe yourself and why do you want to become the Student Ambassador of your college/university
  • Suggest innovative ideas to develop a start-up ecosystem in your college/university

What Will the Participants Get?

  • All the student ambassadors will get a certificate from Asia Inc.500.
  • Exposure to industry-specific projects
  • Interaction with industry stalwarts and thought leaders
  • Lots of learning and fun-filled activities.
  • Improved leadership and team playing skills
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