Reusable Components: A pioneering initiative by Pyramid Consulting Solutions

The world is increasingly becoming more and more demanding, especially when it comes to Technology where immense competition is not only thirsty of innovations but also brutally greedy when it comes to Return on Investments (ROI).

All the visionaries at top benches of organizations are constantly looking for innovative solutions for their customers. The techies and coders across the spheres are thus finding it hard to cope with increasing the pressure of devising ground-breaking solutions that are not only cost-effective, scalable but also reusable across business lines.

Pyramid Consulting Solutions is no-where far when it comes to building reusable solutions. As part of its Technology Forum initiative, ‘Reusable Components’ were launched in February 2019, for Pyramid Software Delivery Team.

This is a unique platform where innovative Pyramidions have shared frameworks, code base and libraries with all the associated documentation, instructions and test cases, that will enable and promote the culture of both contributing as well as adopting re-usable components in cutting edge technologies like .NET, Angular, JAVA to name a few. This will not only save a lot of time and effort in usual day-to-day coding but will also acquaint the technology staff with flexible and pioneering ‘ready to use’ solutions that can be used directly or with minimal tweaking.

The obvious benefits of building such standardized components viz:

Reusability: Adoption of an already developed, thoroughly tested and the documented module brings Efficiency in Delivery Time and Delivery Quality;

Standardization: Usage of standardized & approved components across projects ensure adherence to Quality Standards across the organization;

Innovation: These Reusable components provide a (code) baseline which can be either used as-is or could be enhanced up to any level to achieve desired results;

Knowledge – Widespread usage and understanding of Reusable components paves way for dissemination of knowledge across individuals, teams, and verticals within the organization;

shall not only help to reach closer to organization’s technology goals but shall also imbibe a sense of collaboration and forward thinking, while designing or adopting a readymade solution.
These reusable components are thoroughly tested, are well documented that includes both open sources as well as Pyramid’s proprietary stand-alone modules that are maintained and upgraded regularly to catch up with current market trends in terms of technology and demand.

Well defined guidelines have been laid down for both adapters as well as developers of these Reusable components to adhere to industry and organization standards. Some of the prominent Reusable components that have already taken shape and are available for use include- data upload and display into the grid, caching of frequently used data to avoid network roundtrip from database and user authentication from LDAP with group consideration.
Not to mention, this is just the start of a long inventive learning curve that will get its pace going, with participation and contribution from everyone associated with technology world.

Author Bio:

Mayank Singh is Operations Lead in Pyramid IT Consulting, NOIDA.
He is an engineering graduate and holds master’s degree in Management with over 11 years of industry experience and contributes to blogs and articles to the community.

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