The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards (SEBA) 2018

This is the digital age that we live in and the way business is conducted today is very progressive. There are always fresh ideas and new innovations that keep sprouting up to accustom to the radical change. With many innovations now emerging, businesses continuously adopting new tools and technologies, and entrepreneurs investing their time and resources in growing their business further contributing to the economy of the nation, such efforts need to be recognized and awarded.

The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards (SEBA) is one such platform that recognizes the achievements and contributions of business visionaries. The SEBA 2018 ceremony, which was held at on 14 November 2018 at the Grand Ballroom, Palace of the Golden Horses, Malaysia, recognized and acknowledged the achievements of the country’s leading business visionaries across all sectors of industry and their contributions to economic development. The award ceremony was held for the third consecutive year this year.

The SEBA 2018 has showcased exemplary individuals, thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs and companies who are game-changers in various disciplines. Among the recipients of the most prestigious SEBA awards were leaders who have successfully transformed their organizations and created inspiring legacies to be emulated by others. The awards also honored those eminent entrepreneurs from Malaysia who have shown strong business and thought leadership, those who leveraged on technology innovation for the greater good and expanded their business successfully across the region.

During the event, the SEBA Business Club made its inaugural launch. It is mainly aimed at supporting Malaysia’s SME business landscape by harnessing the experience and expertise of both past and current award recipients. This exclusive business club brings together the crème de la crème of the country’s top SMEs and entrepreneurs to empower the exclusive grouping of the elite and like-minded business community. The synergistic platform connects and allows for greater collaboration amongst its members and promotes not just business-only activities but also links to various NGOs and CSR programs to ignite alliances and successful business propositions.

The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards (SEBA) was set up as an initiative to not only recognize Malaysia’s outstanding entrepreneurs and enterprises but to also uncover growing talents and upcoming companies that are transforming the face of industries they operate in. SEBA, which is held annually under the auspices of MyPreneurship, was also designed and catered with entrepreneurs in mind, bridging industry player and stakeholders, while providing a platform to connect, communicate and collaborate.

The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards is a company or individual's partner for its growth, opportunities, and sustenance. Award categories are based on best merit, depending on accomplishments and track records. These are selected by the Jury upon a complete audit and review process, involving both qualitative and quantitative benchmarks. The awards are usually for Entrepreneurs and Startups, for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and for National Icons and Conglomerates, including MNCs.

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