What happens when education and technology converge

Technology is now everywhere which can be seen penetrating through our very own lives. Over the past decades, technology has made a significant development in all sectors by spreading its roots vast in the diverse fields of banking, medical sector, retailing and others. Consider the old days wherein one had to stand in long queues at the banks to do the financial transactions, there was no proper diagnosis of the disease and no proper infrastructure to perform a surgery, one had to turn to the malls or stores to buy the grocery or clothes or any other essential goods.
But now, it is entirely a new scenario; banking transactions can be done from our smartphones with many conveniences, major surgeries can be performed with the collaboration of famous surgeons across the world using video conference and one can shop and buy for his favorite things or clothes from his home. The advent of this technology has impacted the educational sector as well, yielding to an evolutionary approach.

Technology in Education has undoubtedly, undeniably, and irresistibly been transforming the educational realm. For instance, let us go back to the vault. A decade or a two ago, a typical classroom in schools was once characterized by long hours of lectures given by the teacher and students sitting through those long monologues. Today, the penetration of technology in education has changed everything upside down and it’s no longer the same phenomenon. With the emerging technologies making their own path in the field of education, schools and colleges are adopting digital solutions to enhance the learning experience and teaching skills in students and teachers.

There has been an introduction of digitization in classrooms which has transformed the environment of the class by making it more interactive, collaborative and participative. Technological developments like smart boards, classrooms PC, projectors, power point presentation, and television are few types of technology used in education. With gadgets replacing textbooks and information from databases evolving into paperless formats, the introduction of various digital educational tools has created drastic changes in the quality of education. To everyone’s surprise, school mobile apps are the current trend.

Technology has few important facets that took education to a new level. The introduction of new gadgets coming into the market every day has made learning just a click away. TV, the Internet, and mobiles are some examples of technologies we can’t ignore using them in our daily life. Online education eliminates time and space constraints as education can be acquired from any corner of the world. With many educational institutions providing online educational programs, it can be seen that there is no geographical distance and time difference. With computer-assisted learning being used widely in many schools, colleges, and Universities, it is no exaggeration that using technology in education has become a fact of our lives.

What happens when technology and education converge? The result is unprecedented and unparalleled. This new technology in education is revolutionizing education by making learning more collaborative and knowledge sharing easy. Wrapping up, it can be said that technology still and will remain a vital component of society and education as well and who can tell what it will usher in, in the new age? Let’s wait and watch!

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