Women at the heart of digital transformation

Digital transformation has changed every industry across the globe ushering into an era of higher efficiency and productivity across the globe. It has revolutionized the way of serving the customers, improving the competitiveness of the business and further pushing forth its expansion into the global market. Digital transformation continues to be a disruptive force across many industries today. While digital technologies are radically and rapidly changing the way people work, consume, get information and communicate, their consequences, however, may differ for women and men.

We live in an era where about 126 million women have started running their own businesses at a global level and 48% of female leaders are comfortable with cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning and Blockchain. Nevertheless, it’s baffling to see that only 5% of leadership positions in the technology industry are held by women. Women’s participation in the tech sector has been bridging the gender gap making it imperative that women can lead the way in digital transformation.

Imagine running your own startup, advancing in career opportunities that were once limited to high gender or male-centric! Imagine standardizing yourself and your career with an accelerating pace that galvanizes your potential in equilibrium with the male counterparts! Here I am to talk about those successful women leaders who are not only role models but also can be inspiring and encouraging to the women leaders of tomorrow.

Pooja Naidu
Head of Product, FT Group Products, Financial Times

To begin with, we all know that there are only 8 million women in India who are running their own businesses, whereas, only 10% of formal enterprises are being operated by women. This is a manifestation that women still continue to face several underlying hurdles that hamper their full career advancement. Despite everything, here’s the story of Pooja Naidu, who managed to succeed her way leading the path in digital transformation. She is the Head of Product, FT Group Products, Financial Times.

With a significant array of experience for over two decades in retail, media and banking industries, Pooja is now the Director of Product at the Financial Times. A digital leader who drives product teams to deliver high value, market-leading product, has proven leadership skills in product management with Financial Times, Tesco and M&S. Pooja in her current role is responsible for the FT Group Portfolio of products, overseeing over 35 brands and leading the delivery of the GDPR transformation program for FT.com.

Diana Carrasco
Head of Digital Risk, Compliance & Public Policy, HSBC Digital Bank

Diana, who has been working in the Financial Industry since 2002, is the Group Head of Risk, Digital Channels for Lloyds Banking Group. Prior to this, she was the Head of Digital Risk, Compliance and Policy UK & EU for HSBC Digital Bank and served as the Head of the Mentorship programme for the European Women Payments Network (Amsterdam). Diana has held leadership roles in digital transformation for both Visa and HSBC and believes that risk function should always be understood as a business enabler and not a blocker.

Dorota Zimnoch
Founder & Managing Director, Zing Business Consulting

Dorota, an accomplished leader, and an entrepreneur, who reinvents, disrupts and relaunches banking and insurance businesses with the convergence of financial technologies, is the Founder and Managing Director of Zing Business Consulting. She is an international fintech and insurtech expert and the Top50 global influencer with over two decades of experience working with leading financial brands such as Citi, AIG, Alico, MetLife, and 4finance, as well as startups. Dorota has held multiple board advisory positions at companies such as Santander and the Heart Warsaw and has been ranked no.13 on PWC Power Global 100 and no.19 on Women in Finance Power 100.

June Klein
Founder & CEO, Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc.

The Corporate Visionary’s Most Influential Female CEO USA, June Klein is the Founder & CEO of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. With over three decades of experience in financial technology, June has pioneered digital initiatives at top firms like JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Merrill Lynch and currently runs her own business. She is the former tech advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who has been awarded Corporate LiveWire’s Most Innovative Financial Technologist award.

Winnie Palmer
CEO, Morphosis Marketing Company & Co-Founder, Innovation Nation Limited

Winnie Palmer is an experienced digital transformation practitioner with over 15 years of experience in delivering enhanced customer engagement, productivity and revenue growth through state-of-art digital marketing and operations. She is a Board Member at the University of Greenwich, CEO at the Morphosis Marketing Company and Co-founder at Innovation Nation and has a keen focus on innovation and business performance.

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